Aesthetics Non Surgical

Aesthetic Medicine Is An Inclusive Term For Specialties That Focus On Improving Cosmetic Appearance Through The Treatment Of Conditions Including Scars, Skin Laxity, Wrinkles, Mole

Addiction Treatment

Addiction Is A Brain Disorder Characterized By Compulsive Engagement In Rewarding Stimuli Despite Adverse Consequences.Despite The Involvement Of A Number Of Psychosocial Factors, A Biological Proc


Anesthesiology Is The Practice Of Medicine Dedicated To The Relief Of Pain And Total Care Of The Surgical Patient Before, During And After Surgery.

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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery (weight Loss Surgery) Includes A Variety Of Procedures Performed On People Who Have Obesity. Weight Loss Is Achieved By Reducing The Size Of The Stomach With A Ga

Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac Surgery, Or cardiovascular Surgery, Is Surgery On The Heart Or Great Vessels Performed By Cardiac Surgeons. It Is Often Used To Treat Complications Of Isch


Cardiology Is A Medical Term Which Specializes In Dealing With The Disorders Which Take Place In The Human Heart. This Field Looks Into Diagnosis And Treatments Of Various Kinds Of Heart Disorders

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Is A Medical Discipline Focused On Enhancing Beauty And Appearance Through Surgical And Medical Techniques. It Is An Extremely Broad Field And Can Be Performed On

Dental Care

Dentistry Is The Science That Is Concerned With The Prevention, The Diagnosis And The Treatment Of Conditions, Diseases And Disorders Of The Oral Cavity, Teeth, Gums And Its Associated Structures O


Dermatology Is The Branch Of Medicine Dealing With The Skin, Nails, Hair And Its Diseases. It Is A Specialty With Both Medical And Surgical Aspects. A Dermatologist Treats Diseases


In Medicine, dialysis Is The Process Of Removing Excess Water, Solutes And Toxins From The Blood In Those