Alchemist Center for Happiness organized workshop on cultivating resilience at DAV College Chandigarh

Chandigarh: Alchemist Center of Happiness (ACH) in collaboration with the Department of psychology, DAV-10 College, Chandigarh organized a workshop on cultivating resilience amongst the college youth on Wednesday. Workshop was conducted by Glory K. Singh, Director at Alchemist Center for Happiness which was attended by around 80 students and college lecturers.

Ms. Singh, who is a psychologist, shared that increasingly fast-paced lifestyles, stress, failure in examinations, complexities of career choice, increasing family and peer pressure and a breakdown of support systems have made Indian students one of the most depressed in the world (WHO, 2015). The situation gets worse when help is either delayed or denied as many still consider mental illness a taboo. Therefore, Singh emphasized that heeding to the increasing rate of depression, and stress related disorders amongst the youth and adults it is the need of the hour to move towards prevention of mental illness and promotion of mental health.

Research shows that teaching the skills of resilience, optimism, self-awareness, self-regulation skills, and a sense of purpose to youngsters can protect them against depression, increase their life satisfaction and improve their learning power. Therefore, in a country where every hour, one student commits suicide, according to 2015 data (the latest available) from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), it is vital to build resilience amongst the youngsters and adults alike.

In a two and half hour workshop, Glory K Singh talked about the various protective factors of resilience and taught 6 resilience skills to the students. The skills of optimism, thinking traps, problem solving, and anxiety control were much appreciated by the students. Students agreed that the stresses have increased, and these skills will come in handy to help them deal with adversity in a more positive way.

Source: ACH